Can Living Near Water Make You Happy?

water makes you happier

Do people feel happier near the water? It’s only natural – after all, 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, and about 60% of the human body is water. It seems reasonable that when we are more connected with nature, we feel less stressed. So, is it true?

Studies have shown that being near ‘blue spaces’ – natural or manmade spaces where water is visible – leads to better mental health, wellbeing, and even physical health. One study found that simply walking in blue spaces for 20 minutes a day immediately improved mood and wellbeing, compared to walking in a similar water-free setting.

The Waterfront Lifestyle

So, actually living near water should make us even happier, by improving wellbeing each and every day, and studies bear this out. Water offers many sensual pleasures: the soothing sound of waves, burbling streams, waterfalls, the sight of sunlight dancing on the water’s surface, the weightlessness of floating in a pool or lake. Blue space can also encourage more social connection – which fits right in with the zeitgeist of the legendary Pier Sixty-Six.

The visionary design of Pier Sixty-Six makes the most of the waterfront location – and glittering swimming pool experiences – to enhance the lives of residents and guests. Every day brings a new experience beside the water, in the water, or on the water.

The limited-edition Residences at Pier Sixty-Six overlook the legendary superyacht marina, the Intracoastal Waterway, and picturesque Fort Lauderdale canals. 

Residents can watch the ever-evolving cinematic views, from misty mornings to sunny days to enchanting sunsets. They can experience a strong connection to the water’s rippling currents and gentle tides, as yachts and sailboats glide by.

Spectacular Plunge Pools

The marina-side Azul condominium is the first building in Fort Lauderdale to include a private plunge pool for every residence. Imagine the serenity – and mood-boosting soaks at sunset.

Extravagant Pool Experiences

The extraordinarily reimagined Pier Sixty-Six features immersive pool experiences and dazzling blue spaces. Three lush pool decks will cascade from the resort down to the superyacht marina. Make a splash at the VIP Pool & Bar (above), an exclusive space for soaking, sipping or snacking. Linger on your chaise lounge or inside your private cabana, and let the beverages come to you.

The Resort Pool (left) is a refreshing place where everyone can tap into spontaneous joy and excitement, with fountains and an exhilarating three-story slide. The Adult Pool & Bar (right) is a space for relaxing swims, interesting conversations, or alfresco dining overlooking the marina.

The Après-Swim

These three sparkling pools invite you to linger. The pool decks will be a popular gathering space, with lush palms, comfortable day beds and discreet cabanas – and a bar beside every pool. Just being next to the clear blue water enhances every encounter, whether it’s a friendly chat, an important business lunch, or good old-fashioned family fun.

Discover the ultimate waterfront lifestyle at The Residences at Pier Sixty-Six.