The Iconic Pier Top Lounge

Pier Sixty-Six has a long heritage in Fort Lauderdale – the yachting capital of the world. The prestigious marina and distinctive Pier Top tower have been beloved landmarks on the horizon for generations. As the city’s closest marina to the Atlantic Ocean, Pier Sixty-Six has long been a gathering place, where people meet for memorable experiences. The imaginative reinvention of Pier Sixty-Six honors the heritage of this iconic site – and that includes the sky-high Pier Top, reopening in 2024. 

The Pier Top hosted many meaningful celebrations and spectacular parties over the years, from birthdays to anniversaries and even weddings and proms. The Pier Top was renowned for decadent brunches (bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Marys), celebrity guests, and spectacular sunsets. 

The panoramic views always dazzled guests, as the gently revolving Pier Top revealed new vistas: the Intracoastal Waterway, downtown Fort Lauderdale, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Will the Pier Top Reopen?

The vision for Pier Sixty-Six embraces the wonderful history of this legendary Fort Lauderdale destination – and its bright future. Many people were concerned that the Pier Top might not come back, especially after sustaining significant damage from Hurricane Irma in 2017. Happily, Pier Sixty-Six will reclaim its iconic place on the South Florida coast, with a reinvented resort experience – including the Pier Top – as well as the world-renowned superyacht marina and an exclusive collection of exquisite marina-side residences.

Sunset Drinks – with a Glamorous Twist

The iconic revolving Pier Top lounge is destined to become Fort Lauderdale’s preeminent cocktail lounge once again, with spectacular views across the vast Atlantic Ocean, Port Everglades, the turquoise waters of the Intracoastal Waterway, and the lights of downtown Fort Lauderdale twinkling on the horizon.

The atmosphere will be glamorous, with cinematic views over the horizon. The décor will complement and enhance the dramatic views. The central hub will include a gently curved bar and intimate seating, echoing the shape of this sky-high space. The layout allows clear sight lines to the horizon for everyone. 

When the Pier Top lounge reopens, Pier Sixty-Six residents will enjoy priority access – just one more reason to secure your impressive waterfront home now at The Residences at Pier Sixty-Six.

The History of the Pier Top

The Pier Top first opened in 1965, but the history of Pier Sixty-Six goes all the way back to 1957, when this waterfront site was a very important fuel dock and gas station. The name even comes from Phillips 66: Phillips named its first gas station in Kansas to reflect the nearby Route 66, which now runs from downtown Chicago to the Santa Monica Pier in California. Pier Sixty-Six evolved in 1959 to include a 100-berth marina, a restaurant, and a “Waterway Wonderland” motel.

In 1965, the striking new 17-story hotel opened, with its crown jewel, the Pier Top. The ambition was to launch a new era of sophistication for Fort Lauderdale tourism, with this impressive hotel that matched the glamour of the resorts of Miami. The Pier Sixty-Six Hotel was an eye-catching new addition to the Fort Lauderdale skyline, and was compared to other iconic buildings, from the Space Needle in Seattle to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Googie Design and the 66 Theme

The eye-catching tower was designed by Phillips Petroleum architect Richard F. Humble, with distinctive mid-century lines. The actual style is called “Googie”, a futuristic look based on Googie’s, a coffee shop on the corner of LA’s Sunset Boulevard. The style is often seen in diners, gas stations, and drive-ins of the 1950s and 60s, with atomic and space-age themes (kind of a Jetsons vibe). 

The 66 theme was woven into the tower’s design, as an homage to the company. There are 66 spires forming the starburst crown, and the sky-high Pier Top revolved once every 66 minutes. Even the elevator was reported to take exactly 66 seconds to reach the Pier Top (no stops).

The new hotel made waves in Florida and beyond, as did the rotating restaurant at its top. Generations of Fort Lauderdale residents – and guests of the hotel and marina – recall vivid memories of special occasions, exquisite food, and dazzling views.

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From Hollywood Celebrities to Local Friends

Historically, the Pier Top attracted a wide range of guests, from local luminaries to visiting Hollywood stars and starry-eyed couples staying at the hotel. Visitors felt almost giddy with excitement at the panoramic views. That’s why everyone in Fort Lauderdale chose the Pier Top for extra-special celebrations and romantic evenings – even marriage proposals.

In decades past, celebrities and notable guests flocked to the Pier Top, from Walter Cronkite to Frank Sinatra. The atmosphere (especially at the brunches and later in the evening) had a hint of Rat Pack glamour to match the glittering stars and lights of the city after sunset. 

The drinks at the Pier Top were legendary, and its reputation as the premier cocktail lounge in Fort Lauderdale was secure. Sunny days make people extra-thirsty, and a refreshing cocktail with a fruit garnish was an instant reviver. Other guests stuck to the sophisticated classics, from martinis to Manhattans, whiskey on the rocks, and the extensive wine list. In the 1960s and 1970s, guests enjoyed drinks and dancing as the sun set. The famous Pier Top brunches always drew an enthusiastic crowd, with brunch classics such as Eggs Benedict and stacks of fluffy pancakes, as well as the traditional Bloody Marys.

The Pier Top is preparing to be once again the place to go when you need an elevated (pardon the pun) setting for a very special occasion, from Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day to… next Friday night.

The Ultimate Waterfront Lifestyle

Pier Sixty-Six residents will experience the best of the Fort Lauderdale lifestyle, including innovative new waterfront restaurants and shops overlooking the marina, enticing poolside bars, and a warm welcome at the Pier Top lounge.

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