The Ultimate Waterfront Lifestyle

The premier marina residences in the yachting capital of the world offer much more than a remarkable home on this legendary waterfront. Whether you plan to live at Pier Sixty-Six year-round or call this your South Florida home or winter residence, you’ll also gain access to the iconic Pier Sixty-Six lifestyle.

You’re assured of an auspicious welcome (whether you arrive by water, air, or land), beginning with a familiar salty tang in the air as superyachts and sailboats pass by in the harbor. But it’s the friendly hellos from people who know you that make this feel like home, from the barista who always remembers you like an extra shot in your macchiato to the like-minded yacht owners and new neighbors in this exclusive haven.

Boutique Experiences

“There will be a distinctive boutique atmosphere to the entire experience here,” says Amy Ballon, Sales Director at Pier Sixty-Six Residences. “It’s partly thanks to the ingenious master plan, which integrates the marina, resort and residences – but it’s also the intangibles: thoughtful service, attention to detail and unexpected moments of pure delight.”

The inimitable atmosphere will weave through the entire 32-acre harbor. The sociable marina-side promenade will add a Riviera-style ambience to the waterfront, along with distinctive dining and lounge concepts that will attract prominent South Florida tastemakers. The lush pool decks cascade down from the resort to the marina, and the contemporary condominium residences include astonishingly large terraces – each with a private plunge pool set to the perfect temperature.

“We knew that Pier Sixty-Six residents would be well-traveled and cultured, with an appreciation of sophisticated design and heightened experiences,” says Chris Gandolfo, Senior Vice President of Development for Tavistock Development. “That’s why every element is being carefully curated, so residents can experience an extraordinary lifestyle, with immersive relaxation as well as enticing adventures, plus unexpected wow moments at every turn.”

Relaxing Days – Exciting Evenings

You can start your day with a stroll along the marina, followed by a leisurely  alfresco breakfast. Enjoy a workout in the impressive fitness center (and a restorative massage in the exquisite spa). Or boss a poolside power lunch, disarming everyone with the dazzling views and distinctive dishes.

After a refreshing dip in the VIP Pool and some well-deserved relaxing in a private cabana, you could join new friends for an afternoon cruise around the picturesque canals and rivers here in the Venice of the Americas.

An Extensive Menu

You’ll be able to invite friends over for extraordinary dinners at the on-site restaurants at Pier Sixty-Six, including a signature restaurant with dramatic guéridon experiences, where expert chefs and mixologists carve, cook or create cocktails with a flourish at your table.

Afterwards, you’ll be able to stroll past the swimming pool terraces, en route to the iconic Pier Top, whose beacon calls adventurers from far and wide to the Pier Sixty-Six harbor. The elevator (which takes 66 seconds to reach the top floor), will deliver you and your entourage to the legendary revolving lounge, where you’ll be greeted like an old friend.

You’re sure to see plenty of familiar faces – along with epic views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Port Everglades inlet, and the dramatic sunset over the Intracoastal and downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Sensational Celebrations

Pier Sixty-Six residents will rub shoulders with international superyacht owners and influential locals at South Florida’s most glittering events during the Miami Grand Prix, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Art Basel, Fashion Week, and top fishing tournaments. As has been the case for over 50 years, the marina-side camaraderie and hospitality remain unbeatable.

A Heartwarming Harbor

Pier Sixty-Six is more than a place for parties or panoramic views, more than just an impressive home where you can entertain friends in style. This harbor has a long legacy of hosting memorable and emotional gatherings, from birthdays to weddings to spectacular galas. This is the Pier Sixty-Six lifestyle, rich with meaning and open to new adventures – and new friendships. The first-ever residents of Pier Sixty-Six will be fortunate to experience this unique South Florida lifestyle every day – from early 2024.